Employers Reveal Their Ideal Job Interview Outfit

Employers Reveal Their Ideal Job Interview Outfit
31 January 2019       0 comments

First up, congratulations if you’ve secured a job interview!

Presumably, you’ve completed a professional-looking resumé and cover letter to reach the next level in the job application process. Now, you’re probably nervously anticipating what comes next and how you should prepare.

We’ve managed to take one worry off your plate – we’ve gone through r/careeradvice and dug up some invaluable advice from employers on what they’d like their ideal future employee to be wearing during their job interview. Here it is, in their own words...



1. The thing to remember is that interviewers are just normal folk.

They’ll probably not be paying too much attention to what you wear any more than your current co-workers do (or fellow students, if you are still in school).

Some things I do look down on in interviews, though:
  • Jeans, even dark ones (unless the company explicitly mentions that casual interview dress is acceptable)
  • Anything less formal than a button up shirt
  • Anything that is dirty or overly wrinkled
  • Sneakers
  • Body odour (on the topic of scent, another thought: go easy on the cologne. Subtle is the keyword.)

2. Try to dress professionally, and err on the side of cautious and conservative.

All you have to do is look "good enough". Dressing nicely won’t really help you too much, but dressing poorly can hurt you. Interviewers care far more about what you say than how you look.

3. Your outfit will tell me a lot about you. 

It tells me a lot about where you’ve been before and what you expect and it’s an early sign that you may or may not be a good cultural fit. However, I think part of the point of your job interview outfit is to show some effort and show that you take the job seriously.

4. Rethink the suit.

Because most offices have become more casual, wearing a suit isn’t always the best choice. Learn about what’s normal in the industry you’re looking at. I don’t want to give the impression that suits are a bad idea, but I think basically the only concrete answer you can give to interview attire is 'it depends.'  
It’s worth doing the research to wear something appropriate in the same way you’d research the company you’re interviewing for.

5. Keep it clean.

The most important thing to keep in mind is: Keep it clean and neat. Launder/dry clean or, at the very least, iron your outfit. And please: clean your shoes!

6.  I have conducted a ton of interviews for a variety of jobs in my life, and there are some definite don’ts.

Some of these will seem pretty basic, but I’ll never be shocked by what people will do/say/wear to interviews.

  • Don’t wear dirty/wrinkled clothing. Even if the job you’re applying for has a casual dress code, make sure that your clothing is neat and clean.
  • Don’t drink to excess the night before the interview. (We can smell you and we know and it’s not a good first impression.) On the same note, go easy on the perfumes and colognes.
  • Don’t overdo makeup. Keep it simple and fresh.
  • Jewellery is fine, but avoid jewellery that makes a noise and avoid wearing a huge amount.
  • Wear clothing that fits. Avoid things that are too tight or you’ll appear uncomfortable.


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