What is Skillsroad

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower young people, along with their parents, teachers and future employers to feel confident and supported taking the first steps on their career journey.

We work to gain comprehensive and authentic insights into exactly what it is youth are thinking and feeling during this important transition. We find the barriers holding youth back from beginning their career journey, and help parents, teachers and future employers to work with young job seekers and school leavers to move past them.

This invaluable data helps to nourish better-informed decisions.

Our Tools

The tools on our website, such as the Career Quiz, Jobs Board, and the Job Fit Test, make a transformative impact in the way young people navigate the career planning process.

From helping them identify passions and natural skill sets, to introducing them to new industries and vocations, job seekers and those who support them can remove the guesswork from transition into work or further study.

Skillsroad provides some of the most actionable careers advice in the industry and we’re right there with you every step of your journey.