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Skillsroad 2017 Youth Census

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In 2017 Skillsroad launched the inaugural Skillsroad 2017 Youth Census. The research was commissioned by Apprenticeship Support Australia, in response to concerns regarding rising youth unemployment, whilst Australia’s simultaneously faces a national skills shortage.

The aim of the survey was to better understand the hopes, fears and realities of young people living in Australia today and explore attitudes and concerns around career pathways and workplace expectations. The insights gleaned ensure Apprenticeship Support Australia and Skillsroad can continue to provide evidence-based approaches for best practice skills development advice and solutions.

Additionally, the findings are intended to inform students and job seekers as well as their parents, teachers and current or future employers about the current well-being levels of youth in Australia.


13,273 is the magic number


Skillsroad's Youth Census has surveyed 13,273 15-24 Year-old youth living in Australia.

Top 3


Find out the top 3 biggest worries that our youth have about growing up in Australia.


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Key insights in to why youth apply for a job, their expectations of employers and reasons for leaving a position.


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  • Australian youth are not thriving. They report only being, ‘slightly satisfied’ with their life and have an ‘average’ level of well-being.

  • Young people in Australia are most likely to be driven by extrinsic motivations when faced with career choice, for example pay.

  • Choosing a career is stressful for young Australians. They worry they will make the wrong choice or not like what they choose.

  • Australian youth are most likely to turn to their parents for career advice, amplifying the need for parents to boost career knowledge.

  • If we want Australian Youth to thrive, we must help them see the bigger picture and encourage them to invest in career pathways that give them passion and purpose.
Skillsroad Youth Census 2017
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