Skillsroad Work Readiness Course.

Skillsroad Work Readiness Course.

Course Details

This course is designed to prepare young adults for the workforce. The Work Readiness Course is an interactive, assessment based short course that once completed will equip young adults with the skills to be ‘work ready’.

Who's this course for?

Anyone who is preparing to enter the workforce for the first time and wants to make sure they’re prepared for working life!


Component Duration

1. Communication

This first section is about communication in the office. In this section, you will demonstrate your ability to follow instructions, communicate through email and comprehend and relay messages effectively. You will prioritise a task list, construct a professional email and demonstrate professional social media practice.  This component is based on a telephone message, followed by assessment tasks.  

10 mins

2. Prioritisation and Organisation

In this section, you will demonstrate your ability to prioritise tasks, write a to-do list and organise a working day.  This component includes three documents and questions.   

20 mins

3. Personal Brand

In this section, you will view a short video. You will then be asked to answer a series of questions demonstrating your understanding about a 'personal brand'.   

10 mins

4. Interview Skills

In this section, you will view a video that demonstrates how to nail or fail at a job interview. You will then be asked to answer a series of questions about how to prepare for and perform your best at a job interview.  

10 mins

5. Team Work

In this section, you will learn about the key stages of team work based on a well-known model. You will then complete a short quiz to demonstrate your understanding of teamwork.   

4 mins

6. Conflict Management

In this section you will learn about conflict styles in the worplace. You will complete a quiz to demonstrate your understanding of conflict management.   

10 mins

7. Performance and Feedback

In this section you will watch a video showing the interaction between a boss and an intern. You will then be required to demonstrate an understanding about handling feedback in the workplace by answering a quiz. ​   

10 mins

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  • Cost

  • 29.95 (GST Included)
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  • Deadline

  • Duration

  • 1 hrs 14 mins
  • Content

  • 7 components
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