The Importance Of Upskilling

importance of upskilling

What are Students' options?

The future of work is changing rapidly. For example: McKinsey Australia's 2019 report, "Australia's Automation Opportunity", has show that up to 6.5 million Australian jobs will be changed by automation and artificial intelligence in the next decade. Some jobs will go, some jobs will emerge, and all jobs will change.

According to Atilla Brungs, vice-chancellor of the University of Technology Sydney, this challenge "requires an approach to education where individuals can expect to spend 30 per cent of their time in education and training, from the age of three right through to 100."

It is crucial for all individuals to keep on learning and upskilling. Luckily, there are many education and training options available to school leavers to keep growing and developing their skills.

While university remains an option for about 30% of school leavers, Vocational Education and Training is becoming an increasingly popular pathway as students transition from school to work. It is estimated that over half of all Year 12 leavers will study a VET course within the first few years of leaving school.

Regardless of your students' aptitude and academic abilites it is important you encourage them to keep learning and developing their skills and qualifications post school and throughout their life.

So what are the options?

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