Teaching Online Classes

Teaching classes online

Digital technology has impacted and changed the way we communicate and connect with others. This includes the way we share, access and facilitate information. And given our current Coronavirus-impacted climate, teaching online provides many benefits for both you and your students.

Online teaching not only assists with collaboration, but also teaches students how to better adapt to their future workplace environment, as most communication is done via online means. It creates more opportunities for interaction and opens new possibilites for assessments. Plus, you also get to inject some personality into it, so that your students aren't just downloading resources but still experiencing some of the face-to-face interaction and energy that they're used to in a "real life" classroom.

A downside of technology and software, however, is that it changes constantly and rapidly, which can make it difficult to keep up to date. Our resources will help you troubleshoot some of the basic challenges and opportunities that online teaching brings with it to better prepare you for migrating classes online.

Moving your classes online


Online classroom etiquette


Cyber safety best practices

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