Skills 101 Power Hour Lesson Plan

Skills 101 Power Hour Lesson Plan

The challenge:

Your students are seeing old ways of working and living swept away in exchange for an increasingly unpredictable future.

The question:

What do they need to know first and foremost before making career decisions?

Your mission:

Cutting through the noise to start a proactive career conversation about the core transferable skills for the future.

Your solution:

Introducing Hands on your future: Skills 101; Skillsroad's brand new Power Hour lesson plan. It includes a set of teacher's notes as well as printable worksheets for your students, and will help you guide your students to delve into their strengths, better understand the importance and flexibility of transferable or "soft" skills, and suss out their core motivation when it comes to choosing a career path.


Please click on the link below to download your free Skills 101: Power Hour Lesson Plan pack. 

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What did you thinkWhat did you think?

This new resource is provided to you free of charge, no catch. All we'd like to ask you is to let us know whether you and your students liked it. Any feedback will help us to improve the product experience going forward.

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