Lesson 5 - Resilient thinking and how to deal with pressure

Resilient thinking & dealing with pressure

Firstly, students are asked to brainstorm what they think it means to be resilient. Resilience is then clearly defined and the importance of showing resilience is explained. Students are asked to consider their own strengths and abilities, as well as situations when they have experienced failure and how they reacted in these situations.

Famous examples of resilience are presented to show that everyone experiences failure and that it is not failure itself but how you respond to failure that can determine whether you eventually achieve succeed. Finally, students take part in an activity that will test their resilience and provides a practical example of what it means to be resilient.

Students are asked to consider the various sources of pressure they face in their lives. They are introduced to the idea of “ducks”, or negative and unproductive thought processes, and asked to consider their own “ducks”. Role play and class discussions are used to encourage students to think about positive strategies they could adopt to overcome these negative thought processes.

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