Career Planning - Lesson Plans

career planning - lesson plans

Here you will find a series of nine lesson plans designed to help students adopt productive approaches to thinking about, planning and working towards their future career. Lessons are comprised of a mix of theoretical, story, video and activity based content aimed at engaging students and encouraging active participation and introspection. You can view a Lesson plan summary here.

Lessons 1-4

Lessons 1-4 are designed to encourage students adopt productive approaches to thinking about and planning for their future careers. It is recommended that these lessons be presented in consecutive order from lesson 1 to 4. However, each lesson is self-contained and can be presented out of order or in isolation if required. You can view a lesson plan summary here.


Lesson 1 - The "Why"
Lesson 2 - The How
Lesson 3 - "The What"
Lesson 4 - Learning Styles

Lessons 5-8

Lessons 5-8 focus on four key characteristics of successful people: resilience, motivation, discipline and sustained appropriate focus. The level that students display these characteristics can play a substantial role in determining whether they achieve their career goals. These lessons will encourage students to adopt positive strategies and approaches to work and life based on these four characteristics.


Lesson 5 - Resilience Part 1
Lesson 5 - Resilience Part 2
Lesson 6 - Sustained Appropriate Focus
Lesson 7 - Discipline
Lesson 8 - Motivation

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