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2018 Youth Census Wellbeing Webinar 

Psychologist Danielle Buckley discusses how understanding the different experiences of youth in Australia can impact their pathway choice and wellbeing when transitioning between school and life afterwards. 


Helping your students make the right decisions

We bring you a complete run down of the Skillsroad platform including how you can use our resources and tools to guide your students towards their ideal career paths. 



Positive education and career choices

Danielle Buckley talks about the opportunities and challenges faced by millennials today, as well as positive education and some tools and resources to help students find their ideal career path. 


Our Skillsroad journey: From school to the workplace

We talk about the biggest challenges employers have with young people in the workplace and techniques for building resilient students. 


Lesson plans to help students prepare Job Interviews

This webinar provides an overview of new Skillsroad tools and lesson plans, including how to help your students with Job interviews. 

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