Take the Skillsroad Journey

Starting your career journey is an exciting yet somewhat scary time in your life… With so many jobs and options out there, how do you know what’s right for you? And then when you’ve started, how do you get there?

Below we have all the steps necessary to get you started on your career journey! 

Step 1 - Career Quiz
Discover your true skill set so you can make the right choice when starting your career journey.
Step 2 - Explore Careers
Search careers suited to your skill set and watch a bunch of industry videos showing you a day in the life of that job.
Step 3 - Job Fit Test
This will help you determine how suited you are to your chosen career and the next steps you need to take to get there.
Step 4 - 360 Virtual Workplace
See what a day in the life of your dream job is really like. Click here to explore your job in a virtual space!
Step 5 - Create your resume
Get the latest tips to build a fresh resume and what to write for the perfect cover letter.
Step 6 - Apply for the gig
Not only do we provide you with top interview tips, but you can directly apply for a heap of roles posted to our jobs board daily!
Step 7 - Stay in the know
Keep up to speed with all the latest news, events, competitions and more.
Step 8 - Write for us
Ready to spill the tea? Whatever it might be, we are sure someone has been in the same situation. Submit your Career Confession to Skillsroad and get your voice heard.