For Employers

Hiring a young staff member and inducting them to your business can be challenging.

At Skillsroad we understand how vital it is that this process goes smoothly, and are committed to making it as efficient and successful as possible, for both the sake of the employer and future employees.

Whether you're hiring apprentices, trainees, interns, grads or other entry-level staff now or in the future, we have made it easy for your business to match with Australia’s leading and emerging talent.

We connect you through our Jobs Board, where we coach you through posting your best recruitment ad yet, but it does not stop there!

We have worked hard to bring future employers of young people the most actionable recruiting, inducting and coaching information available to make sure you get the most out of your new employee.

See our list of helpful resources below to find out how Skillsroad can help you find your best recruitment match and keep them on board for the long-term.