Down, but not out: 2020 Youth Survey Snapshot

Just as we finished Skillsroad's 2020 Youth Skills Survey, COVID-19 struck, upending plans and scrambling lives across the world. So we tried again. The Skillsroad 2020 COVID-19 Youth Survey focuses on the pandemic's impact on young Australians (so far), and how this translates into actionable insights for parents, educators and employers.

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Mental health has always been important to and openly talked about by Gen Z and young millennials – but COVID-19 has kicked things into higher gear. No surprise, given that the pandemic has caused massive mental health problems (such as anxiety, depression, substance abuse, post traumatic stress disorder and suicide) worldwide, with the full scope of the damage yet to be determined. But here's the thing: the kids might be down, but they're definitely not out. Gen Z and young millennials are shaping up to be one of the most resilient generations yet, and they're ready to get to grips with changing their future for the better. But they still need – and expect – our help to do so.

Youth are struggling

It is crucial for educators, businesses and the government to get on board when it comes to creating and distributing open and practically actionable communications and access to relevant support and resources for young Australians.

This is especially important for young Australians who live in remote areas: our research shows that while the difference between their responses and those of youth living in metro and regional areas aren’t vast, they always seem to be slightly behind the others when it comes to the “preferable” answer: being mentally healthier and more sure of their capability to recover, and feeling secure in their chances of future success.

Gen Z and young millennials do not want to go looking for solutions only when they need them, but require mental health and wellbeing programs and awareness to become part of the everyday fabric of their lives: see it as a constant “push” of resources and awareness to them to help them stay healthy, rather than a “pull” to resources only when they need them. Think “support and prevention are better than cure”.


Skillsroad COVID-19 Youth Report

Help needed to make better decisions

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The Skillsroad 2020 COVID-19 Youth Survey was open from 26 May 2020 to 9 June 2020. Youth were invited to complete the survey using an online survey tool. In total, 6,311 people took part in the survey and 5,425 met the target cohort of youth living in Australia (defined as being 15-24 years old and an Australian resident).

The 2020 COVID-19 Youth survey included a total of 46 questions. Questions covered an array of sections:
  • demographic data,
  • schooling,
  • careers and concerns,
  • industry employment,
  • work expectations,
  • thoughts during a time of uncertainty,
  • and general wellbeing.
To ensure the sample provided an evidence-based approach to understanding youth, questions were asked to assess their attitudes, fears and current realities.