Helping your teenager find a job

helping your child find a job

School's out: Now to help them find a job!

Even with the best of intentions, helping your teenager find a job can be a tricky process. 

Unless you own a business or know someone who's looking for help, chances are your teenager will probably have to find a job on their own. Whether it's a part-time job while they're studying, full-time work, an apprenticeship or a traineeship, finding a job is practically a full-time job in itself. They'll need your support for sure! 

Is your child workplace ready? Find out in the Job Fit Test Below. 


Job Fit Test

Here are some tips on how you can help them:

  1. Talk to your teenager about creating a job search strategy. They can't fly blind when it comes to their career, and it pays to have a plan.
  2. It's the application that will land them an interview, so encourage them to put some time and effort into their resumé and cover letter. Encourage your teenager to use our Skillsroad Resumé Templates to create their resumé and cover letters.
  3. Employers look for proactive and motivated individuals. If they think Mum or Dad are the driving force behind the application and can't see actual motivation from the candidate, they are less likely to employ them. Talk to your teenager about this and discuss ways in which they can take the initiative and demonstrate motivation. One suggestion is to approach the employer and deliver their resumé in person. Many employers tell us they make their hires from motivated individuals who contact them and personally come in and deliver their resumé. They say it's an indication that the teenager has a great attitude and is motivated.
  4. Help your teenager make a list of potential companies they would like to work for and discuss ways in which they could approach them.
  5. Suggest that your teenager talks to family and friends about any opportunities they might be aware of.
  6. If they are applying for an advertised position, encourage them to follow up with the employer on the phone after they've sent in their resumé, to ensure the employer received it. This shows motivation.
  7. Discuss interview techniques with your teenager. They need to be prepared. Help them plan what they will wear to make a great impression and practice answering interview questions with them. The more prepared they are, the more confident they will be. Help them make a list of things they've done that set them apart from others.
  8. Encourage your child to read our Life Hacks Blog to help them land their dream job.

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