10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Volunteer

Top 10 reasons why your child should consider volunteering

In our work with hundreds of employers in businesses around Australia, the Skillsroad team has learned that “soft” employability skills are highly regarded by recruiters when it comes to candidate selection. Therefore, young people who have proven themselves in a voluntary capacity are highly prized.

Here are the top ten reasons why:

  • Young volunteers have acquired practical skills and abilities that can be transferred
  • Young volunteers have connections with a range of communities
  • Young volunteers have proven their empathy for the needs of others; a valuable attribute for team members and leaders
  • Young volunteers are experienced at working with others with differing values and abilities from themselves, and can relate to diverse communities
  • Young volunteers gain an understanding of different roles and responsibilities within organisations and how they synergise
  • Young volunteers have access to other employers and their networks
  • Young volunteers demonstrate initiative and independence
  • Young volunteers can put others’ needs above their own when required
  • Young volunteers have demonstrated commitment
  • Young volunteers believe they can make a difference and have a positive attitude about what they can achieve for themselves

And if all the above weren’t enough - LinkedIn research   has shown that that 41 per cent of hiring managers consider volunteer work equally as valuable as paid work experience when evaluating candidates.

Is your child interested in volunteering? Get them to check out these opportunities!

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