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Stuck at home?

Can you smell that? It's the faint tang of freedom in the air! There's light at the end of the COVID-19 shutdown-tunnel, and while it's going to take some time for everything to go back to normal, at least we know we can start stretching our wings a bit. 
If the idea of freedom gives you extra energy and motivation, start channelling it to get your future-thinking ducks in a row. Where are you at with your studies? Do you have an idea of a career path? Any plans to jump on the opportunities coming your way?
Our ultimate COVID-19 survival resources will keep your spirits up and give you some inspiration to start planning for the future. 

Choose your adventure below to get started:

Find your way

If anxiety about your future has left you feeling less than confident, try these ten tips to create confidence and conquer life.
Find your skills

Bored? Make time in your schedule for the Skillsroad career quiz and find out what you’re good at!
Don't be usless

Take an online stroll through our 360 Virtual Reality Workplace to see what it's like working in some of Australia's most exciting industries.
Find out what to do

Five tips to help you deal with negative thoughts in a practical, constructive way. You'll need it when things go back to "normal"...
Now what do I do?

Get your head right and find daily inspiration with tips to help you take care of your health and wellbeing.
Struggling to keep up?

Get to grips with banking basics and important financial terms to help you budget, and here's info on claiming individual support during COVID-19.
You bored?

Spending too much time in your own head? Start thinking about others - here are some random acts of kindness you can try.
Solve your own problems

Looking for, finding and actually landing a job is challenging. Share your job hunting stories with us at #JobDiaries: you're not alone out there!

Under normal circumstances, if we're told to go outside to be active, socialise and experience the world, half the time we can't even be bothered. But when someone tells us 'no', that's it, we wanna do it!

Our resources will help you stay busy and find some purpose. Because NO, this is not the end of the world, and YES, you will come through it okay. If we can do it, so can you. You could even try some of the below, all tried and tested by us...
  • Puzzles: Buy a proper 1,000 (or 2,000) piece puzzle, and get to figuring it out!
  • Books: catch up on your reading. Pick three books you've always wanted to read, but never had the time for...
  • Board games (Monopoly is one that could go on for a week...)
  • Video games (Duh.)
  • Online training and skills courses (Do it!)
  • Language apps: learn to communicate with people from all over the world.
  • Cooking: get ready to apply for the next season of Masterchef...
  • Napping: it's an artform, people.
  • TikTok: welcome to the rabbit hole.
  • Card games: like, Exploding Kittens. Or Cards Against Humanity...(now available to play online!)
  • Design apps: the future is calling.
  • HouseParty: for when you just can't be alone anymore.

Speaking of TikTok, we've been feeling a tad trapped between the four walls of our own homes, so we thought why not share it with errrryyyboooody. First up, think you have what it takes to compete against our #toiletpapertrickshots? Prove it! 

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