Skillsroad at the 2018 Schools Spectacular

Skillsroad at the 2018 Schools Spectacular
27 November 2018       0 comments
At this year’s Schools Spectacular, Skillsroad launched a new, interactive virtual reality experience that reimagines career advice for young people - the 360° Virtual Workplace.
The platform is an original and innovative technological pathway that aims to better inform young people about their many career options. It allows users to explore a range of career opportunities in four different industries – business services, construction, manufacturing and hospitality – through immersive virtual workplaces.
The Skillsroad Crew travelled to Sydney Showground to take the project out for its first spin, and over the two-day event hundreds of students were able to try the 360° Virtual Workplace out for themselves using Oculus VR headsets.
Through the VR headset, students took a visual journey through a typical worksite in each of the featured industries and watched short videos that profiled a variety of roles throughout the virtual space.

Students heard real staff members discuss their occupation, career trajectory, day-to-day activities, and give career advice relevant to their industry.

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