Job Interviews 101

Job Interviews 101
So you’ve completed our Career Quiz, created a stand-out CV using our Resume Builder and nailed yourself a job interview – congratulations!

Want to ensure you deliver the best possible impression at the interview? Follow our Job Interviews 101 checklist:
  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Find out more about the company you’re going to work for. Check out their website (if they have one) otherwise look at their literature or ask friends and associates so that you know:
  • The business street address and contact details
  • Where the interview will take place
  • How you will get to the interview, how long it should take you and don't forget to add an extra 30 minutes in case of a mishap
  • What products/services/process the business provides
  • The size and structure of the organisation
  • How your position will fit in and your exact job description
  1. Think about what questions you are likely to be asked. Canvass teachers and family about tricky questions they have encountered and find out how they handled them. Rehearse your answers to some of these examples.
  1. Make some notes about what you would like to ask about the company to take with you. Interviews usually offer you a chance to answer questions – if you have some good ones ready they will be impressed.
  1. Decide what you are going to wear. First impressions do count. You should wear the most formal attire that would be required in the position. Ensure your hair is clean and tidy looking. Remove jewellery that may offend.
  1. Social media – potential employers do check out candidates’ social media presence. Make sure yours doesn’t jeopardise your job chances. If it could – change your settings to private.
  1. Make copies of your resume and other documents that support your claim for the job and put them in a protective cover so you can present them to the interviewer.
  1. Breathe! After you have completed all the steps above you can relax knowing you are thoroughly prepared to be your best at the interview – good luck!

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