Help! I’ve been retrenched!

Help! I’ve been retrenched!
What is a redundancy or a retrenchment?

When an employer no longer requires a job function to be performed then that job can be made redundant. The person who has been performing the job is retrenched if the employer is unable to offer them alternative suitable employment.

What are my entitlements if I am retrenched?

People whose employment is terminated because of redundancy are usually entitled to receive a termination payment that may include outstanding wages (including penalty rates and allowances), payment for unused annual and long service leave and severance pay. Sick and carer’s leave is not paid out on retrenchment. You can check whether your employer has included all your entitlements in your final pay by contacting the Fair Work Ombudsman.
If you haven’t received all your entitlements because your employer is bankrupt or in liquidation, you may be entitled to assistance under the Fair Entitlements Guarantee (FEG) or the General Employee Entitlements and Redundancy Scheme.

Dealing with retrenchment
Retrenchments occur because employers are struggling and you are not to blame. Negative global financial conditions impact on almost every industry, and as a result, most adults experience retrenchment at some point during their careers.
As you consider your future options, you may find it helpful to get some general advice about planning and managing your finances from the Federal Government’s MoneySmart website. Financial Counselling Australia can offer free, unbiased financial advice including help with debt and negotiation with finance companies.
The Department of Human Services is the place to go to access a range of support mechanisms (including financial assistance) that may be available to help you transition back into the work force or into retirement if that is your next career stage.  

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