Exclusive Interview with Kangaroo’s NRL star Aidan Guerra

Exclusive Interview with Kangaroo’s NRL star Aidan Guerra
19 November 2014    Phil Cookson    0 comments
Skillsroad catches up with Rooster, Maroon and now Kangaroo’s NRL star Aidan Guerra!
Aidan Guerra was born and bred in the humble town of Townsville, North Queensland. Since signing with the Sydney Roosters in 2010, after a short stint in Melbourne with the Storm, he has quickly gained a world class reputation, with  Mal Meniga describing him as one the best Back Rowers in the NRL. In 2013 he won a Premiership with the Sydney Roosters and has continued to notch up achievements in 2014 playing Origin for Queensland and last month debuting for the Australian Kangaroo’s against New Zealand in the Four Nations.
Thanks to Aidan, Skillsroad was given exclusive access to camp Kangaroo to discuss his life as an NRL player and hear his tips for career success.
See the full interview below!

Skillsroad: Morning mate and thanks for letting us come behind the scenes and have a chat as the Australian team prepares for the Four Nations final.

It’s a big commitment being on the road for a month after a long NRL season! How have you found your first camp and tour?

Aidan Guerra: Camp's been great, right from the excitement of the first day I've really enjoyed the experience. Unfortunately for me it hasn't gone to plan on the field, but I know I'll benefit from being around this group of players and have definitely learnt what it's like to play test match football.  

Skillsroad: Who is the funniest team mate on tour and why?

Aidan Guerra: Sam Thaiday takes the cake for sure. He's always joking around, I try to sit next to him in team meetings because he's always adding witty one liners.

Every job has its perks! What are the best bits of life as a professional athlete?

Aidan Guerra: Best thing about my job is definitely the fact that I get to hang around my mates day to day and we get to push each other to be better. I'm always looking to improve and that job is made easier when someone is there doing it with you. A team environment and culture is important to me.

Skillsroad: When studying or applying for jobs some of us face challenges, rejections and setbacks. How do you deal with a bad game or poor performance and pick yourself back up?

Aidan Guerra: Setbacks are a part of life, not many people can say they went through life without them. I used to get bogged down with the worry of not being picked and focusing on the negatives, but I realized all of that takes care of itself if I take care of the things that I'm in control of, which is how hard I'm going to train, how well my diet is, things like that.

Skillsroad: What’s your Career plan or ambitions for life after footy?

Aidan Guerra: The last few years I have just been focusing in on trying to achieve my football related goals, but now I'm a little older and have realized it's time to think about what's next.. I'm not too sure what that is just yet to be honest, but I'm researching some opportunities. I think you need to get all the facts and ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into before investing or diving into a career.

Skillsroad: Any tips for those starting their career?

Aidan Guerra: The age old saying, hard work pays off. I was never the most talented player as a kid, I've just worked really hard. But also enjoyed myself along the way. Enjoyment brings out the best of yourself so whatever field of work you choose make sure it's enjoyable!

Skillsroad: Thanks for your time and advice!

Follow Aiden on Instagram @ guerraa25

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