Career expos and markets - why should your child attend?

Career expos and markets - why should your child attend?
23 July 2015    Skillsroad Team    0 comments
Has your child brought home information about careers expos, but you’ve heard no further?

Perhaps you saw something on the news about a careers market that attracted crowds of people and you’re wondering if you should have taken your child along?  

Here’s a quick guide to careers expos and why they can play an important role in your child’s career journey.

What are careers expos?

Careers expos and markets  give students, parents and job-seekers a chance to find out first-hand from careers advisors, apprenticeship centres, registered training organisations, universities and employers about the latest career pathways.  Essentially they are a one-stop shop for professional careers advice. Best of all – they’re usually free!
Why should my child attend?
  • Careers expos give your child the chance to make direct contact with experts from tertiary institutions teaching exciting subjects. Industry insiders can give personal advice on which courses or training pathways are best for certain occupations.
  • Career expo exhibitors may be scouting for candidates. Young people who have shown initiative by taking the time to engage with exhibitors at an expo may be favourably looked upon when vacancies arise. This could give your child a major advantage if competition for placements is fierce.
  • Career expos often offer practical demonstrations giving potential recruits the chance to observe and even “have a go” at tasks to see if they have the right skillset.  Your child can see an armoured tank being fixed, or have a chance to flip a crepe with a chef! This experience is particularly beneficial for job-seekers contemplating an apprenticeship.
  • Career expos give your child a unique opportunity to hear first-hand about what it’s really like to work and study in a range of fields.  This could be the stimulus they need to begin making a career decision!
Employers are supported at careers expos by organisations, such as Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA), who assist enthusiastic individuals ready to sign up to an apprenticeship. ASA consultants ensure apprenticeships are registered with State authorities, provide financial guidance and support where applicable and also offer ongoing mentoring for the duration of apprenticeship contracts.
Universities and academic advisors are also on hand to give advice about higher education.
The peak time period for career expos and career markets is between May and July every year so check up on our Skillsroad events page for the latest events.


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