University Offers Out Today - But Young People Urged to Consider All the Various Pathways to a Succe

University Offers Out Today - But Young People Urged to Consider All the Various Pathways to a Successful Career
12 January 2019       0 comments
Media release from Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) - 11 January, 2018.
Young people in the ACT awaiting university offers today “should also consider the many fulfilling career options offered through apprenticeships and traineeships,” says Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) Regional Manager, ACT and Southern NSW, Tony Keir.

“As the young people in the ACT move into the next exciting stage of their lives, it’s important that they are aware of all the various pathways to a successful career,” he said.

“It’s also very important that they really understand their skills and strengths and align their career goals to not only what they will be good at, but also where the jobs will be in the future.”

With Australia currently experiencing a significant skills shortage across many industries, the National Skills Needs List highlights more than fifty occupations where there is great demand. Most of these can be accessed via completing an apprenticeship or traineeship or other vocational education course.

“There are more than 700 career options available through the Australian Apprenticeships program, covering a wide range of occupations, including traditional trades, but also many that young people may not be aware of, in the health, business, IT, engineering, telecommunications and child care industries, to name just a few.”

Recently, the Skillsroad 2018 Youth Census, the largest youth survey in Australia, found that young people undertaking an apprenticeship reported the highest levels of wellbeing out of all post-school pathways, followed closely by those engaged in a traineeship.

“The findings of the Youth Census on apprentice and trainee wellbeing rates emphasise how important it is that young people have access to holistic, unbiased career conversations as early on during their schooling as possible – and that includes information on vocational pathways,” said Mr Keir.

“Young people, their parents and, in many cases, their teachers, are not aware of the outstanding job outcomes or advantages an apprenticeship or traineeship can offer – like getting paid while learning practical skills for your future, or avoiding accumulating financial debt like HECS or HELP.

“As a community we need to be mindful we are not pushing one particular career pathway, but rather we need to encourage young people to explore their personality traits, skills and what truly interests them so that they can select a pathway that plays to their strengths.”

“If you’ve missed out on a UAC offer today, or don’t get your ideal preference, you still have hundreds of training options to choose from,” he said.

“I strongly recommend that young people head to the Skillsroad careers website and take the free Skillsroad Career Quiz to understand their skills, as well as to explore the many different opportunities available to them.”

The Skillsroad website can be found at For more information on the apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities available, visit or call 1300 363 831.

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