Interactive Virtual Reality Workplace Re-imagines Career Advice for Youth

Interactive Virtual Reality Workplace Re-imagines Career Advice for Youth
12 December 2018       0 comments
Media release for Skillsroad 360° Virtual Workplace project - 10 December, 2018.
Skillsroad, Australia’s number one destination for entry-level jobs and career advice, has launched a new, interactive virtual reality experience that delivers career information to young people.

The 360° Virtual Workplace was launched at the 2018 Schools Spectacular, where hundreds of students were able to try out the experience for themselves using Oculus VR headsets.

Funded by the NSW Government Department of Industry with a goal of getting more young people into the workforce across 2019, the platform is an original and innovative technological pathway that aims to better inform young people about their many career options.

The platform allows users to explore a range of career opportunities in four different industries – business services, construction, manufacturing and hospitality – through immersive virtual workplaces.

General Manager of Apprenticeship Support Australia, NSW, ACT and QLD, and its subsidiary Skillsroad, Peter Gilchrist, says these industries were chosen to feature in the project to increase awareness around job opportunities for young people.

“These are industries that [young people] are not always given a lot of information about, and so they’re not necessarily aware of the potential pathways,” he said.

“Hospitality, for instance, is affected by a significant skills shortage right now, and a lot of young people don’t even know that there are opportunities for apprentices or trainees in the business services sector - so we want to change that.”

Through the VR headset, users can take a 360-degree visual journey through a typical worksite in these industries, and watch short video interviews that profile a variety of roles in each sector as they move through the space.

The platform allows youth to hear real staff members discuss their occupation, career trajectory, day-to-day activities, and give career advice relevant to those interested in moving into the industry.  

If users wish to pursue an interest in a sector they see featured in the project, it will provide information around related qualifications and pathways. Furthermore, users will also be pointed to the Skillsroad Jobs Board to search for vacant roles in the specified industry.

“The Virtual Workplace is really about providing holistic career advice experience, from exploring opportunities right to direct job application, so we can get young people past that first ‘I don’t know what to do’ point,” says Mr Gilchrist.

“We wanted to reimagine the way that young people learn about potential career pathways, and make that experience engaging, as well as useful and informative, and VR technology provides an innovative and exciting platform to achieve this.”

While the VR experience can be delivered through an Oculus headset, an online version of the platform can also be easily accessed via mobile, tablet or desktop with no need for a VR headset or to download an app.

The 360° Virtual Workplace launched nationally on 3 December 2018. A microsite version of the platform can be accessed at and the Oculus app can be downloaded for free by searching ‘Skillsroad Virtual Workplace’ on the Oculus store.

For all media enquiries, please contact Tess Green on (02) 9458 7339.

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