Best April Fools Jokes of 2015

Best April Fools Jokes of 2015
1 April 2015    Phil Cookson    0 comments
Happy April Fools (or is it..) Check out what the biggest brands have been up to this year!

Google Maps

This year, you can turn any cityscape into a Pac-Man game and go wild (you need to be using Google Chrome web browser). To get your own custom game of Pac-Man going, first you need to head over to Google Maps and navigate to your favourite location (or whatever area you’d like to turn into a Pac-Man level).

Of course, some cities or neighbourhoods might be easier or more difficult than others, so feel free to explore different areas around the world to change up the difficulty.




Unfortunately a couple of media outlets let this one slip yesterday (April Fools on them!), but Vegemite promised to build a 60m tall vegemite jar shaped museum in Melbourne on top of their factory! The museum, threatening to topple the Big Banana and Big Pineapple with its mite-y popularity, is apparently due to open next Australia Day. Vegemite fans in the Skillsroad office were left crestfallen when they realised this was possibly a wisecrack.



Groupon meanwhile realised what can only be described as the most disgusting deal we’ve ever heard of to launch their new “Groupies” department of celebrity merchandise! Unfortunately, we weren’t presented with Taylor Swift’s signature red lipstick, or a bag full of infamous air from a Yeezus concert, but old Tone’s notorious dick stickers! The "freshly worn" and "salt-encrusted" budgie smugglers weren’t even donated apparently, but expertly snaked, having been "left behind at his local Surf Life Saving Club”….


Red Balloon

Meanwhile Red Balloon jumped on the April Fools bandwagon with a set of experiences that we can only describe as awesome (yet incredibly dumb!) including Skydiving from a paper plane, selfie stick lessons, beard floristry lessons or getting fired out of a cannon in a giant Zorb!

They ultimate(ly insane) experience for the day however is the opportunity to go Jet Fighter Waterskiing…Yep, get towed behind an F-16 fighter jet doing 400km/h on skiis for half an hour! If you’re not deaf (or dead!) after your experience, a free boat shuttle will collect you for the 9 ½ hour journey back to the starting point :|




Last but not least, Samsung has come out with yet another phone Apple can’t beat – today catering to the professional (Instagram) chef within us all! With a diamond sharp cutting edge, a thermometer enabled stylus and a folding handle, you’ll never experience a more (im)practical phone for those moments you just have to #instafood #foodporn #cleaneating.


Be sure to let us know in the comments below if there’s a great prank we missed, or even if someone got the April Fools over you this morning!

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