Be Brave with Braven

Be Brave with Braven
14 July 2015    Arrnott Olssen    0 comments

Thanks to the Braven crew & Gap marketing we'll be making some music with our readers this week. We're giving away a Braven 705 Blue Tooth Speaker in Pink, and it's perfect for when you want to get the party started.

Braven Breakdown  


Lightweight portability meets big sound with the powerful Braven 705 Speaker.

Custom high-fidelity audio drivers deliver room-filling sound to your music, media, conference calls and more.

For a powerful, immersive left and right stereo experience, pair any two Braven 7-Series speakers together using Braven's highly-acclaimed TrueWireless Technology.

Precision engineered with a shock-absorbent thermoplastic exterior and sleek finish, the Braven 705 Speaker is offered in a wide variety of colours to match your personal style including yellow, grey, purple, teal, pink, white, magenta, cyan and black.


To Win

Follow Skillsroad on Instagram & Facebook, then tag Skillsroad in your fave Summer Pic and remember to use these hash tags to be in the running. #PrizePerkz #Braven #BravenPerkz 

The winner will be picked by Editor Arrnott Olssen & announced next week.

Happy tagging!

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