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Need to up your money game, but don’t know where to start? Skillsroad will help you get to grips with all things finance, setting you up to budget like a boss and slay at saving. Because let's be real, YOLO isn’t the only answer to everything…

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Get your head around basic finance stuff

Kicking off

Does the word "money" make you run and hide? Time to face your fears! Watch our video, then discover your Money Type.  Click here. 


Speak the lingo

Here's why it's important to get to grips with all the finance lingo. Once you've done that, download our PDF highlighting the basics! Click here. 


How to budget

Difficult? Only if you make it so. Sit down, give yourself credit where credit is due, and get your savings under control! Click here.



Nobody’s born being good with their money – it’s a skill that all of us can learn. But choosing between “Netflix and Chill” or “Budgets and Bills” seems to be a no-brainer, right? Wrong.

Things you need to know

Budget like a boss
Tips on how to save
Reading a payslip
Feeling broke?


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Pay it forward to your future self and get money smart with Skillsroad.

Disclaimer: Skillsroad are providing general financial advice as part of our Let’s Chat Money campaign. We cannot be held liable for decisions made because of the content provided – please do your research and speak to a qualified financial professional before making any major money decisions.
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