Mobile & Internet

Mobile & Internet

We’ve never been so connected so making sure you are on the right mobile plan and with the correct internet provider is essential. Make sure you do your research and shop around to find the deal that is best for you and your household!


Getting Mobile

With so many plans and models now on the market you need to do your research to ensure you get the best bang for your buck and aren’t locked into any nasty long term contracts with high data charges. We suggest using the crafty comparison tool on Finder to find the right plan for you. 

There are three main payment types when you enter into a mobile contract:

  • Pre-paid – this arrangement allows you to load your mobile with credit upfront and then top up online or at a supermarket once it has expired. If you are on a tight budget this is a great option as you’ll never get hit with a nasty bill. Basically you only spend what you’ve already purchased. Under this arrangement you’ll usually have to purchase a handset and sim card upfront.  
  • Contract – A contract arrangement usually allows you to avoid paying outright for an expensive smart phone however you are usually locked in for a 2 year period. Ensure you pick a plan that matches your budget and usage as there is no limit. You’ll be billed for what you use – no limits! If you opt for this set up ensure you keep track of your data usage and always use location based Wi-Fi where available. 
  • Month to Month – some providers allow you to set up a month to month arrangement where you bring your own handset or purchase one upfront. This arrangement works in a similar way to the above however you aren’t locked in for a two year period so can opt out and walk away at any stage after paying your monthly bill. 

When you make a decision on which telco provider and plan is best plan for you head into the store with 100 points of ID, which includes; drivers licence or passport, Medicare card, a bank statement which shows proof of address, this will ensure the telco company knows exactly who they are giving the phone too and it also stops any fraudulent activity. 

Backing up your phone:

Hot tip: don’t forget to back up your old phone if you are getting a new one, you don’t want to lose any data, contacts or photos when you change phones.  Be smart when choosing your plan and don’t overcommit if you are going to be unable to afford the monthly bills, your credit rating can be severely affected if you don’t pay your bills on time with the telco companies. 

Pay your bill:

Be smart when choosing your plan and don’t overcommit if you aren’t going to be able to pay your monthly bills. Repeated late payments or a failure to pay will affect your credit rating which can affect you in other areas of life when seeking a loan, applying for a rental property or later in life. 


Choosing your provider

When looking for an internet provider look at bundle deals, a lot of the time you can bundle your internet, home phone and mobile phone into one deal to not only save you money but simplify the payments come bill time. Internet is charged monthly and a website like  iSelect or can help you compare plans and select the right one for your situation. 

For more information contact your internet provider. The whole process can take about a week from start to finish so until then use a local café or the town library to get your work done. 


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