In training

things you didn't expect

Okay, so you've started the job, and you've been there for about a week or two and we are sure you have felt a massive change and are thinking, what have I just signed myself up for?! Remember, this is completely normal and there a few things that you will need to be aware of when it comes to getting yourself accustomed to the new work/life routine. 

Considering it is such a big change and there is SO much to absorb and understand, we have covered a few areas which we feel most people second guess in their first few weeks!

Mental toughness & resilient thinking:

Developing mental toughness and being resilient is a skill that can improve your performance and overall wellbeing across all aspects of your life, and ultimtately plays a very important role in achieving all your goals. It’s not about how smart you are or how physically strong you are, but rather it is about your passion and perseverance that will assist you in achieving all your life goals. 

Having a mentality of never giving up and always striving for more will keep you motivated and positive in working towards and achieving your goals. You won’t sweat the small stuff, and you’ll become more in tune with who you are as a person.

We have these 3 strategies to help you become unstoppable! 

1. Define what mental toughness and resilience means to you

For you it could mean...

  • Going to the gym consistently 3-4 times a week
  • Meditating every morning before work
  • Delivering your work ahead of schedule
  • (the list could go on and on)

2. Focus on small wins

Mental toughness and resilient thinking is like a muscle, it needs to be worked on to grow and develop. Take control of your feelings and push yourself past your comfort zone, and it could be as little as trying something new.

3. Welcome routine and habit into your life

Unfortunately willpower to do things comes and goes, but if you put in place new habits that are easy for you to stick to, over time you will become more consistent without even realising. A few ideas:
  • Focus on small changes and not life changing transformations 
  • When you "fail", see it as a learning curve and how you can do better for next time
  • Develop and stick to a routine even if you feel zero motivation
  • Start building your identity. Who are you, what do you want, what are your non negotiables? 

Tricky conversations & resolving problems:

If you think that you were going to slide into work and breeze past having conversations that may be out of your comfort zone, unfortunately that won't be the case. Sometimes things pop up that you might need to discuss with your manager these various issues that are noticable in the first few weeks. 

You might be having a hard time with one of the other workers and it is important to know how you can raise this conversation with your manager in an appropriate manner. Click here to download our quick read of top tips to get you through these tricky conversations. 

Managing your work load:

When it comes to starting a new job, it can often be difficult to manage all the different priorities. Your first couple of weeks on the job could be a whirlwind of getting your head around what tasks are urgent and what can be put on your to do list as second. Our best suggestion would be to ask for some time with your manager to have a bigger discussion around what are your priorities and top focus. You can check in and talk about what is the team working on right now? What are the biggest obsticles? What can you do to be helpful today? Understanding the businesses overall goal will help you to adjust and manage your work load. 

If you are finding you have been tasked with more than you can chew, don't be afraid to ask for help, or have a chat with your manager as to what needs to be completed first. Managing your workload is all about time management and working productively. You have no more time for procrastination, because you are no longer relying solely on your own timeline, and rather you could be working on projects that will affect the overall outcome of a bigger project. Remember, you are still new and there will be a lot of things that may overwhelm you, but take the time to persevere and be proud of what you have achieved so far.