How to make the most of your self-isolation

How to make the most of your self-isolation
19 March 2020    Claudia Anisse    0 comments
So you’ve been forced into self-isolation... It’s only been two minutes, and you’re already googling how to beat quarantine boredom and, most importantly, loneliness. We’re all in vastly different situations, trying to survive our own company: maybe you’re still in school, studying at TAFE or uni, working casual, part-time, or full-time, or hanging in the midst of a gap year... Whatever it is, now’s the time to keep productive.

Instead of complaining, or just wasting your time on socials, gaming or Netflix, use this alone time to get creative, catch up on your studies, energise or level up with your skills. And when you get bored with your routine, switch it up! We share some ideas to survive your (potential!) isolation below.
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1. Self-development

Now is pretty much the perfect time for you to start exploring. Use the time away from other people and distractions to develop your skills by taking some free online courses to upskill, or researching careers that you have thought about trying, but weren’t too sure how to go about getting there (if you need help with this, take our free Job Fit Test). If you spend all your days trawling Netflix, texting your friends or reading every single update posted to your socials, you are going to hit the end of the day and realise you have acheived nothing. You’ll also feel much dumber. (Just ask the Skillsroader who’s been bingeing every season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer...)

Challenge yourself to do something as simple as reading one article, or start looking into the job prospects of the future career you had in mind. You could even read just one chapter from a new book, or look up some relevant TedTalks to help spark some new ideas. Just because you’re on your mobile, doesn’t mean you can’t be productive - right? 

I won't touch the phone...

2. Continued learning

If you’re at home because school or uni or TAFE has been put on hold, this doesn’t mean you should go wild and do absolutely nothing. Keep up with your studies, and use self-discipline to continue going forward with the course work you have been assigned and need to complete. Think about how much more you will have to do if you put all of it on hold now (a LOT of catching up, that’s what!).

If you have group assignments, catch up over FaceTime or Skype and discuss your work together. Double whammy: it will help you be productive, but also help you conquer any feelings of isolation you may be feeling. Your mental health is just as crucial to your physical health (and your education) - so take care of yourself and reach out to your friends to check in on them, too. Not for nothing do we live in a world where we can communicate instantaneously online!

Think a friend might be going through a tough time? Here's how you can support them.

3. Get creative

Have a puzzle you’ve been keen to build? Poetry you want to write? Been dreaming about sketching a picture, or creating mini furniture from discarded toilet paper rolls? (You know you’ll have enough of those...) Or maybe you need some time to perfect the strategy for your new side hustle... Now is the perfect time to start. Avoid FOMO and take charge of your own destiny: take this opportunity to research and draft some ideas of projects or challenges you'd like to start, and never have (because life just keeps getting in the way...). Life’s given you some time, people! Use it!

Jiggle this a little here and a little there. Nailed it.

4. Update your resumé

There is never a time when updating your resumé is fun, so we all tend to postpone doing it. But hey, you’re in isolation, so now is the time to get it updated and ready for all the new opportunities coming our way... Your resumé is the only part of job hunting over which you have total power. Remember: this is your personal marketing document, so make sure you stand out. Any jobseeker in today’s job market is up against very strong competition.

Do everything you can to help your CV stand out, from including volunteer work, a brief summary about what you’re looking for, to highlighting your sporting and academic achievements. Just make sure you show a potential employer what YOU can bring to their organisation!

Need a head start? Download our easy (ready made) resumé templates by clicking here.

5. Keep active and eat well

Not going to the gym for a few weeks? Sounds great for the first week, until your body starts to feel sluggish, your mind starts to feel slow and your energy levels drop. Instead, set yourself up with a mini house gym routine. There are loads of YouTube and Insta tutorials out there for short workout routines you can do in the house, some using furniture and various everyday objects to use as weights to make things harder. 

As for food, you have more time to do actual meal prep! Or even get creative with some new recipes that you've been keen to test out. And if you don't want to do this alone, call a friend and cook or blend that smoothie or protein shake together. Don't want to cook? Order in healthy meals - but just be sure to keep an eye out on how much you're spending... especially now that you might not be working and getting paid as much as you used to.

6. Create an epic playlist

This is purely to keep you motivated! Allocate some time to finding some mad tunes that will keep you focused and eager to learn. This is also a form of meditation, helping you to relax and essentially, re-energise. You can’t stay 100% focused (by yourself) the whole time, so be sure to reward yourself and give yourself necessary breaks.

It's the end of the world as we know it...

7. Learn a new language

Maybe you’ve always wanted to but never had the free time to do it - well, now you do! The benefits of being bilingual is surprisingly high. Basically, by doing so you’re increasing your brain power and keeping your brain healthy and sharp. It can also improve your skills to become a better multi-tasker, improve your memory and stimulate creativity and thinking outside-the-box.

Not only will you become more culturally aware of the world, but when the lock-down is over and you want to go travelling, you will have a far better, more enriching cultural experience by feeling like you understand the locals. 

And in other news:

Keep up with your hygeine, wash your hands and keep on soldiering through!


wash your hands kids! ##paynp ##coronavirus

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