Career advice: Christmas conversation starters that will help kick-start your career

Career advice: Christmas conversation starters that will help kick-start your career
10 December 2018    Holly Royce    0 comments
Christmas may be the season to be ‘jolly’, but it’s also the season to take part in a forced, awkward conversation with family members you only see once a twice a year and boy, is there a lot for everyone to catch up on in 2018.
Get ready for the barrage of questions about your predicted HSC results, your current job search and the endless questions on which career you’ve decided on - while your real and most pressing concern is if you should have another slice of pavlova or not.
Rather than using these Christmas convos to tell Grandma to settle down and have another glass of wine, you can use these seasonal family gatherings to get some valuable career insights from your family.

Conversations with your grandparents 

There’s nothing people love more than the opportunity to talk about themselves, so a quick and easy way to take control of the conversation is to turn any line of questioning back on them - ask your grandma and/or grandpa about their career journey.
You could ask them how they wound up doing the job do/did and about some of their more memorable moments, maybe even ask if they’d do anything differently.
It’s an excellent opportunity to learn more about the workforce and about your grandparents.

Conversation with your granparents not cutting it? Try our Career Quiz, you'll get all the direction you need!


Conversations with your siblings

When you’re thinking about your first step into the world of work, there’s no gift more magnificent than the gift of self-awareness, understanding how others see you.
For better or worse there is no one more honest than your siblings (sometimes to a fault.. so probably best to take anything they say with a grain of salt).
Ask your brother or sister what sort of job they could see you doing and why. The answer could surprise you, and you might be presented with a job option you have never thought of before.

Conversations with your parents

Career advice from your parents is invaluable (especially if your brother or sister has just torn you down).
For all their pros and cons, your parents really do know you better than anyone else in the world. They remember when your main career objective was to be a horse.
Take the opportunity to let them remind you what it is you really loved as a child, maybe you were a lover of lego or had a particular passion for making mud pies. Your inner child could help steer you towards the career of your dreams.

And hey, if all else fails, you’ll at the very least have navigated your way through another year of the battlefield that is the Christmas dinner conversation.

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