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It takes an orchestra to play a symphony. It takes an orchestra of skills to build a house. Or save a life. To shape an object of beauty and tend a garden. To produce vaccines, foil cyber attacks, or design clothing. Make movies, educate children, create a legacy. There are 500+ occupations in VET – and infinite opportunities to grow your skills. Join our orchestra!

Created by Lew Keilar on behalf of Skillsroad, @lewkeilar 

At Skillsroad, we want to show you why learning while doing and experiencing is just as important as academic learning. Understanding the full potential of your natural skills and the various pathways you can follow to achieve your dreams will help you to not only set yourself up for a successful career, but a fulfilling one, too.

Your future starts with an idea... To create, to save, to tend, to heal, to make, to design, to produce, to empower, to excite, to solve, to protect, to flourish, to DO. Now take that idea, and start exploring, thinking and dreaming below!

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