Career Coaching Program

Get That Job

Feeling a bit lost?  Sick of people asking you about your career plans?

Well, don’t stress because you’ve just landed on the web page that’s going to turn it all around.     
We want to support you through #GetThatJob, from helping you figure out which job would best suit who you are, to actually landing that gig, we’re going to be here.    

You'll be matched with a Career Coach who’ll help you to identify your natural skills and strengths, ultimately helping you find a career path which is a perfect match for you. You’ll then be given useful tips on how to write a cover letter and CV, and presented with job vacancies that you can apply for in your area. 

What will this journey look like? 


And don’t think your career coach is just going to leave you hanging there. Oh no, we have your back through the interview process and we are even there once you’ve started the job to help you settle in.


Oh yeah, and did we mention it’s all completely free?  Interested? Of course you are! 

Find out if you qualify for this once in a lifetime opportunity by registering with Skillsroad to find out straight away if you are eligible for the program.