The Go-Getter

I like to work hard and hustle harder.

If you have a homework deadline you want extended, someone to bring the party to the next level, or a car you want to buy for half the sticker price; I can get that done for you. The magic of making things happen keeps me going! I love people, I’m great at talking and just as good a listener. I find it easy to deal with anyone from all walks of life. As a go-getter, I work best in a job where I interact with people.
Lions are social, outgoing animals who love to interact with each other. Kind of like me!

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Your strengths

We all have our own set of strengths. We’ve put together a list of with which we're sure you'll identify. Check them out below!


I’m sure you’ve heard of a ‘people-person’ and that’s definitely you! Dealing with people plays to your strengths and whatever situation you find yourself in you know you can talk your way in or out with confidence


You can walk through a hallway full of people and would not worry about what anybody thinks. You do you!

Customer Service

You are great at listening and resolving customer issues, even if you are working at a Macca’s register. That takes some skill!


You are a damn good listener! Building relationships comes easy to you and you really hear what people want


“Just do it!” is pretty much your motto. You manage to get things done even while you’re talking because planning and time management skills are just in your nature.

Things that you can improve on

If only we could be good at everything! Here are a few areas where you could improve:

  • Jobs that require skills in manual tasks in anything like construction or production maintenance -think tradie!
  • Relying on the skills of maths and science to build products or services
  • Only focusing on the use of technology, it’s the ‘people-person’ inside of you!
  • Jobs that focus on information and processes in business or education services
  • Jobs that repetitive and administrative focused
  • Seeking to improve the mental or physical health and well-being of others
Don’t feel bad about the points above, you can always improve on this!

So, what do you look for in a role

Roles that will suit you best will include these elements:

  • Interacting with people: talking, listening and working with others
  • Being part of a team because teamwork makes the dream work - am I right?
  • Opportunities to present or communicate messages with others
  • Helping people solve problems
  • Creating schedules and experiences for others
  • Performing and entertaining for others
  • Selling and negotiating with customers

Kick-starting your career

Don’t know where to start? Check out these entry-level career paths you can start today:

  • Click here to check out which subjects you should be taking in school based on your Career Quiz results.
  • Start your career in retail and gain lots of experience with customer service. Is fashion your forte? Maybe a supermarket is more your place?
  • Is there a local café or restaurant that serves amazing food near you? Sign up as a casual waiter/waitress to get some experience in hospitality.
  • If you love performing, theatre companies often have a local café close by where you could try to get a job.
  • Speak to theatre companies about gaining some work experience to understand what a life as a performer could be all about.

The Go-Getter’s list of ideal careers

Wondering where you could end up? Explore the list below and map out your future career options!

  • Actors, Dancers and Other Entertainers
  • Advertising and Sales Managers
  • Artistic Directors, Media Producers & Presenters
  • Bar Attendants and Baristas
  • Cafe and Restaurant Managers
  • Call, Contact Centre & Customer Service Managers
  • Chefs
  • Conference and Event Organisers
  • Fast Food Cooks
  • Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Gallery, Museum and Tour Guides
  • Gaming Workers
  • Hotel and Motel Managers
  • Hotel Service Managers
  • ICT Sales Assistants
  • Journalists and Other Writers
  • Land Economists and Valuers
  • Licensed Club Managers
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Models and Sales Demonstrators
  • Music Professionals
  • Office Managers
  • Outdoor Adventure Guides
  • Property Manager
  • Public Relations Professionals
  • Real Estate Sales Agents
  • Receptionists
  • Recreation Vehicle Salesperson
  • Retail and Wool Buyers
  • Retail Managers
  • Retail Supervisors
  • Sales Assistants (General)
  • Sales Representatives
  • Shelf Fillers
  • Storepersons
  • Street Vendors and Related Salespersons
  • Technical Sales Representatives
  • Telemarketers
  • Tour Guide
  • Tourism and Travel Advisers
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Waiters
  • Welfare, Recreation and Community Arts Workers

Nail your interview with these questions

Got a job interview lined up? Check out the questions below and ask some during the interview:

  • How much of my role will involve talking with others?
  • How much of this role with involve working individually compared to working with others?
  • What strengths do you think are best suited to the role?