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There are thousands of jobs and career options to choose from, so how do you know which one is right for you? And how should you behave on the job once you’re ready to start your career? The Skillsroad Job Fit Test will give you the answers, all in less than 10 minutes.

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1. Work Readiness

Part one of Skillsroad’s Job Fit Test assesses your existing skills and your level of understanding of workplace behaviour and conduct. The areas covered include communicating with others in the workplace; team work and collaboration; customer service; rights and responsibilities of workers and employers and work-related health and safety protocols.

If you need to improve in certain areas, your test results will serve up suggestions and helpful tips to guide you.

2. Job Fitness

Part two of the Skillsroad’s Job Fit Test allows you to select up to five career options that interest you from a list of 300 careers. You will then answer job-specific questions about your interests, qualifications and skills to see how suited you are to your chosen roles.

Once you’ve completed the test youll be given a Job Fit score as a percentage. You can then compare yourself across the roles you selected to find your best job fit.
Developed by the Australian Business Chamber movement and a panel of leading psychologists, educators and recruitment experts, Skillsroad’s Job Fit Test allows you to assess yourself against more than 300 potential careers.

The Skillsroad Job Fit Test assesses your competencies and knowledge across two key areas required for career success: your ‘Work Readiness’ (knowledge of how to act and operate in a workplace) and your ‘Job Fitness’ against the list of careers that interest you.