Science & Technology

Industry Overview

If you aspire to hold a highly responsible, skilled, professional position then you should explore the possibilities to be found in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services Industry.

This diverse industry primarily supports other services by providing a range of specialist, formal skills.

However, you don’t need to jump right into becoming a fully certified Accountant or Solicitor straight away. Many successful employees in these occupations worked their way up to becoming fully qualified; combining work experience in support roles with on-the-job training to gain a thorough understanding and skills base for their chosen profession.

Legal and Accounting Services as well as Computer System Design are some of the fields in this sector predicted to have strong job prospects.


Training & Qualifications

Many occupations in this sector require formal qualifications to a Degree level, as well as registration/licensing. Some examples of pathways and qualifications include:

ICT Professions -

  • Software and Applications Programmers - Diploma of Information Technology - Systems Analysis and Design and/or Diploma of Software Development and/or Bachelor of Information Technology *
* Some occupations in this industry require further registration or licensing that is not a part of any formal qualification you study.

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Occupations In This Industry

Scholarships & Grad Programs

There are currently no scholarship and graduate programs available for this industry. But check the job stream below for job opportunities!

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