Textile production involves designing, creating and manufacturing a variety of products such as yacht sails, shades, shade sails, PVC and canvas products. 

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  • preparing machines for operation by selecting and installing attachments and components for specialised functions
  • setting and operating controls used to regulate processing operations
  • starting machines and monitoring operation to detect faults and ensure effectiveness of operation
  • loading drums with hides and skins, textiles, and dyeing and tanning solutions
  • cutting and machining leather and synthetic shoe uppers, and making shoes using moulded and cement construction techniques
  • threading loom shuttles with cross-yarn arms
  • positioning and feeding machines with fibre packages
  • repairing broken yarns by tying and splicing ends
  • examining finished products for defects and variations, reporting faults in machines, and carrying out quality control procedures

Job Titles

  • Footwear Production Machine Operator
  • Hide and Skin Processing Machine Operator
  • Knitting Machine Operator
  • Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine Operator
  • Weaving Machine or Loom Operator
  • Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator
  • Other Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators

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  • Thu 12 Dec , 2019
  • Botany, New South Wales
  • Thu 12 Dec , 2019
  • Cromer, New South Wales
  • Wed 11 Dec , 2019
  • Saint Marys, New South Wales
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