Human Resource Clerks maintain and update personnel records such as information on transfers and promotions, employee leave taken and accumulated, salaries, superannuation and taxation, qualifications and training.

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Human Resource Clerks
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This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.

  • updating information on leave taken and accumulated, employment history, salaries, superannuation and taxation, qualifications and training
  • raising records for newly appointed workers and checking records for completeness
  • processing applications for employment and promotions and advising applicants of results
  • receiving and answering inquiries about employment entitlements and conditions
  • sending out announcements of job openings and job examinations
  • issuing job application forms
  • compiling data from personnel records and preparing reports
  • storing and retrieving personnel records and files on request

Job Titles

  • Human Resource Clerk

VET (Vocational Education And Training)

  • Certificate III in Business, Certificate III in Employment Services
  • Certificate IV in Human Resources -
  • Diploma in Human Resources Management
  • Adv Diploma of Management


  • Bachelor of Business - Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Human Resource Management

Other Careers In This Industry

Job Vacancies

  • Fri 26 Feb , 2021
  • Tuggerah, New South Wales
  • Fri 26 Feb , 2021
  • Newcastle, New South Wales
  • Business Traineeship - Human Resources

  • WPC Group
  • Have you had a taste of working in an office environment and want to continue. We have a rare opportunity to join a busy Human Resources department based in Maddington This is a 12 month Traineeship completing a Certificate III or IV in Business. If you have commenced study in Human Resources, but would like to defer for 12 months to gain hands on experience, then this is the perfect opportunity for you. (Please note if you have already completed a Diploma or Degree in Human Resources, Business or similar, you are not eligible to apply for this position) Once you have mastered the basics, and cemented your role within the team, your responsibilities will quickly grow, increasing your exposure to a range of new projects and experiences not usually available to trainees. This role could be your first step in an exciting, brand new career.
  • Human Resources & RecruitmentHuman Resource Clerks
  • Tue 23 Feb , 2021
  • Maddington, Western Australia
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