Human Resources & Recruitment

Industry Overview

Human Resources relates to people management, this can include staff recruitment, payroll, and policy management. This job type is suited to someone who is highly motivated by getting things done the right way. You are someone that operates by the idea 'if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well'. HR departments need to be up to speed on policies, along with payroll related policies such as superannuation and taxation.

Since HR is related heavily to people, you will need to be good at relating to people, and be driven by being open and responsive to the needs and welfare of others.

Training & Qualifications

The types of courses and qualifications you can use to make a career in this industry begin at the Certificate II level and progress to Certificate IV and diploma level. 

  • Certificate III in Business, Certificate III in Employment Services
  • Certificate IV in Human Resources -
  • Diploma in Human Resources Management
  • Advanced Diploma of Management

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Occupations In This Industry

Scholarships & Grad Programs

There are currently no scholarship and graduate programs available for this industry. But check the job stream below for job opportunities!

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