Food and Drink Factory Workers


Food and Drink Factory Workers perform routine tasks in manufacturing food and beverages.

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Food and Drink Factory Workers
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This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.

  • weighing, measuring, mixing, dissolving and boiling ingredients
  • adding materials, such as spices and preservatives, to food and beverages
  • operating heating, chilling, freezing, pasteurising, carbonating, sulphuring and desulphuring plant
  • monitoring product quality before packaging by inspecting, taking samples and adjusting treatment conditions when necessary
  • operating machines to peel, core, slice, dice, pit and juice fruit and vegetables
  • cleaning equipment, pumps, hoses, storage tanks, vessels and floors, and maintaining infestation control programs
  • regulating speed of conveyors and crusher rollers, and adjusting tension of rollers to ensure total extraction of juice from sugar cane
  • moving products from production lines into storage and shipping areas
  • packaging and bottling products.

Job Titles

  • Baking Factory Worker
  • Brewery Worker
  • Confectionery Maker
  • Dairy Products Maker
  • Fruit and Vegetable Factory Worker
  • Grain Mill Worker
  • Sugar Mill Worker
  • Winery Cellar Hand
  • Food and Drink Factory Workers

VET (Vocational Education And Training)

  • Certificate II in Food Processing *

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