Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers


Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers perform routine tasks in crop cultivation and animal production.

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Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Workers
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  • patrolling, inspecting and reporting on the condition of crops and livestock
  • operating farm machines to cultivate, plant, fertilise, spray and harvest field crops
  • maintaining and repairing buildings, machines, fences, plant and water systems
  • loading and unloading seed grain, fertilisers and livestock feed, and loading field crops into transporters for marketing
  • irrigating land for crop growth
  • providing livestock with feed and water
  • assisting with maintaining the health and welfare of livestock
  • mustering and droving livestock to milking and shearing sheds and between paddocks to ensure sufficient feed is available.

Job Titles

  • Mixed Crop and Livestock Farm Worker

VET (Vocational Education And Training)

  • Certificate II in Agriculture
  • Certificate III in Agriculture

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