Other Mobile Plant Operators


This group covers Mobile Plant Operators not elsewhere classified. It includes Aircraft Baggage Handlers and Airline Ground Crew, Linemarkers, Paving Plant Operators, Railway Track Plant Operators, Road Roller Operators and Streetsweeper Operators.
Other Mobile Plant Operators
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This occupation may include associated occupations with varying tasks.

  • loads and unloads baggage, directs planes, positions staircases, fills aircraft fuel tanks and performs other aircraft ground services to ensure aircraft operations run efficiently
  • operates plant to apply markings to roads and other surfaces such as car parks, airports and sportsgrounds
  • operates plant to spread and level hot bituminous paving materials and lay concrete on areas such as highways, roads and car parks
  • operates plant to lay, align, repair and maintain railway track
  • operates a power-driven roller to prepare surfaces for roads, runways and car parks
  • operates plant to clean streets and gutters of litter and debris

Job Titles

  • Aircraft Baggage Handler and Airline Ground Crew
  • Linemarker
  • Paving Plant Operator
  • Railway Track Plant Operator
  • Road Roller Operator
  • Streetsweeper Operator
  • Mobile Plant Operators

VET (Vocational Education And Training)

  • Certificate III in Aviation (Ground Operations and Service), Certificate III in Aviation (Flight Operations)

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