Job Descriptions

Writing an accurate job description is an essential part of the hiring process and should be one of the first things that you do!

It will help you to fully understand the role and make it easier to choose the right employee from all the candidates who apply.

By outlining all the tasks, qualifications and expectations of the role, along with the culture and perks your workplace can offer you will also increase the chances of attracting more suitable applicants.

What to include in a typical job description:

  • Title of the role
  • Usual location/Office Location
  • Summary of the organisation – why does the organisation exist, what does the organisation do and why would someone want to work with the organisation
  • Summary/overview of the position - one paragraph demonstrating how the role fits into the organisation, who the role reports to and high-level objectives for the position e.g. why does the role exist and what a successful candidate will add to the business
  • Key duties/tasks (a list of dot points will do). Note: it is very common to include a general category at the end for “other duties as required by the business”. This provides a bit of flexibility and means you can add duties or tasks without amending the job description
  • OHS/WHS responsibilities
  • What Qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience are required (this is often written as a “The Ideal Candidate will have….”

Employer Best Practice Recruitment Guide:

Now that you have created your job description, it is time for the next step – Advertising


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