how to interview someone for a job

Now that you've advertised your vacancy and seen the applications rolling in, it’s time to select the best candidates and start the interview stage. Usually an employer will interview three or four candidates whose resumés show the most promise, but it’s up to you how many you see.

Here are some of our top tips for interviewing candidates:

  • Create a template with all the questions you want to ask during the interview. Include space for making notes.
  • Your questions should be set up to gain as much relevant information from the candidate as possible – probe their experience and ask for examples of situations they've been in.
  • Use leading questions to get the candidate to do most of the talking (e.g. Tell me about the biggest challenge of your last role?). Avoid questions that can be answered yes or no (e.g. Have you ever had to work to a deadline?)
  • Don’t be intimidating or aggressive in your questioning. Make sure the candidates are relaxed and at ease – they will reveal more about themselves
  • Remember: you are not trying to catch the candidate out, but rather providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and experience. Be open about the reason behind your questions and what you are trying to determine.
  • Encourage interviewees to ask their own questions – remember that it’s a two-way process and that they are also trying to figure out if you are a good person to work for.
Many employers use questionnaires to measure personality traits and the likelihood of being a good ‘cultural fit’ for an organisation. There is often no real pass or fail grade, it just provides employers with more information about candidates’ personalities.


Skillsroad offers such a test, the “Career Quiz”, which is available for free and can be completed in five minutes. It will help you and your candidate to discover their top strengths and skills. You’ll discover things like what they’re naturally good at and why they’re likely to be suited (or not!) for your role. You’ll also learn about their special qualities and the values they’d bring to a job.
There are also other versions that look at a candidate’s ability or competency, depending on the role. These do come with a score for you to rank candidates against each other.
Skillsroad is able to help you with testing candidates, thanks to the Skillsroad Job Fit Test. The Job Fit Test assesses job-seekers' work readiness (workplace behaviour, communications and conduct) and their fitness for your specific role.
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