Hiring Yourself vs. Recruitment Agency

hiring yourself vs agency

Should you use a recruitment agency to hire new staff?

When hiring new staff, you'll need to decide whether to recruit through an agency or via your internal resources.

Here are some of the pros and cons of both options:

Hiring Yourself


  • You stay 100% in control of the hiring process
  • You can review all the applicants
  • You choose where and when the job is advertised
  • No recruitment fees

cons Cons

  • Recruitment is costly in terms of your time – taking you away from your busy schedule  
  • It may take longer to fill the position
  • You have access to a limited candidate pool
  • You may not have the recruitment knowledge

Recruitment Agency

  • They have access to more potential candidates
  • They can source candidates more quickly through their networks
  • They free you up to concentrate on your job
  • No fees if you don’t hire their candidates
cons Cons
  • You need to invest time with the agency to ensure they understand your company
  • You pay a fee for their services
Determining the cost-to-benefit ratio of spending your own vs a recruitment agency's time on finding a new employee should help you decide which decision is best for you.
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