Hiring Yourself vs. Recruitment Agency

When you decide to go through the process of taking on a new member of staff, you will need to decide whether to recruit through an agency, or to recruit yourself using internal resources. Using a recruitment agency certainly has its advantages but you may prefer to do things yourself. Here are some of the pros and cons of both options:

Hiring Yourself


  • You stay 100% in control of the whole process
  • You can review all applicants
  • You choose where and when the job is advertised
  • No recruitment fees


  • Recruitment is costly in terms of your time – taking you away from your role
  • It may take longer to fill the position
  • You have access to a limited candidate pool
  • You may not have the knowledge

Recruitment Agency

  • They have access to more potential candidates
  • They can source candidates more quickly through their networks
  • They free you up to concentrate on your job
  • No fees if you don’t hire their candidates
  • You need to invest time with the agency to ensure they understand your company
  • You pay a fee for their services


Hiring An Apprentice or Trainee?
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