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Attract the best young candidates to apply for your available position by getting the word out. Here are the best ways to advertise a job vacancy. 

What should your job posting contain?

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Salary
  • Why the candidate would be interested in the role – what’s in it for them
  • Summary of the role’s responsibilities in everyday language – avoid industry jargon
  • How to apply for the role (online application/phone call/email)
  • What to include in their application (e.g. cover letter, resumé and references)
  • When applications close (cut-off date for receiving applications)

Below is a list of some of the many methods of advertising a job:


Jobs board  Job Advertising Websites/ Online Job Boards

There are many online job boards in Australia. Some of the biggest include Indeed, SEEK, MyCareer and CareerOne, but there are also some industry-specific boards that can help you target the right candidates. Search the internet for industry-specific jobs to get an idea of what your job board options are.
Online job boards have a very wide reach – anyone in Australia can search for jobs like yours. Due to their wide reach you may be inundated with applications, leaving you with a lot of resumés to read through.

Skillsroad also has a free jobs board that you can use to list your roles on. As one of the leading career advice and entry-level jobs platforms in the country, we can help you source high quality job-ready candidates, fast. Click here to get started.
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Social media Advertising a job on Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms

With 92% of companies turning to social media to help them find staff for their businesses, it’s important that you’re aware of the benefits it can offer you. If your company has a Facebook or LinkedIn profile, you can post a version of the advert (or a link) and encourage your followers to share the vacancy with their networks.

It’s a free and easy way to let your networks do the leg work for you! To get an extra leg up, we recommend boosting your role using paid advertising on social media such as Facebook, where you can target specific people based on their interests.
Note: If you use a Recruitment Agency, they will help you to write an advert that will appeal to the right candidate. Online advertising is usually included in their fee. They will also use their expertise to screen resumés and select the most appropriate candidates to forward to you to approve for the next stage in the process: the interview.

Websites Company Website/Newsletter

If you have one, use your website to advertise the job vacancy. Often, the people who look at your site are familiar with you and understand your industry, so this can be a good source of candidates.
This also gives an opportunity for internal candidates to find out about the job posting and apply.
Include the ad (or a link) in your customer newsletter, which will likely be going to people who are involved in your industry and help to spread the word about your job vacancy in the right networks. If you’ve got a well-established website with a decent amount of traffic, it may also be worth adding a “careers” page to your website’s main navigation.

Newspaper Local Newspaper

The local paper often has a classifieds' section to which local job-seekers may turn when they are looking for a job. This is an excellent medium to use if the type of role you are advertising requires people who need to be based locally (e.g. young people who cannot drive/travel far for work).

One of the downsides of advertising in a newspaper is that there’s often not a lot of space to fit a good job description. It can also be expensive.

So, if you’re wondering how to find staff for your business, wonder no more – there are a huge variety of options available to you from hitting up online jobs boards to using social media. Evaluate the ones that suit you and you’ll be well on your way to finding a new team member, fast.
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