Building Relationships

You may well come from a different generation to your younger members of staff and it is wise to bear this in mind when you wish to engage with them on a professional level. The following are some simple steps you can take to encourage and motivate your young employees so that they become a valuable asset to your business.

Here are ten top tips to make sure you build the best relationships you can with your new young employee:

  1. Get to know them – talk to them about what they like, don’t like, their passions and their hobbies.
  2. Treat them like an adult, with respect.
  3. Get to know their support systems including their family and peers.
  4. Establish your expectations and consequences clearly from the beginning - use our Ways of Working Agreement template.
  5. Honour the expectations you have outlined from your end – you are and will be the best role model for their behaviour.
  6. Agree on and write down goals for your employee and make sure they are motivated to achieve them.
  7. Keep communication open – if something isn’t working address it immediately. The longer you leave things, the bigger the issue they become.
  8. Schedule in regular formal conversations at the three, six and twelve month marks to review formal goals.
  9. Discover what their strengths are and allow them the opportunity to use their strengths every day.
  10. Find ways that they can create meaning in their role and explore ways they can use technology to your advantage.

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