Coaching youth to the top

Coaching Youth To The Top

Introducing our newest resource, Coaching Youth To The Top: three online workbooks that will provide you with tips to positively guide youth on their journey to get a job and be successful at work.

What is included?

1. A user's guide with suggestions on how to structure your lessons.
2. Three online workbooks:
  • The Journey to Self-Knowledge: This workbook uses various activities and quizzes that encourage self-reflection and forward thinking. Everyone’s career journey is different, and during the Skillsroad journey young people will be able to identify their unique strengths, skills, purpose and goals.
  • Getting Job Ready: This workbook focuses on helping young people cultivate a winning mindset. Starting a job can put young people in a very different environment than the one they may be used to. It is important to help them develop different strategies that they may need to implement to navigate the jump from school/study to work.
  • Killing it at work: This workbook is useful for when a young person has secured a job and is getting ready to start working. It outlines important things they need to know, insight on how to handle unexpected challenges, what they need to do to get work fit and tips on how to grow and be successful and happy at work.
Accessing the Coaching Youth To The Top resources is free, but we do require participants to complete a pre- and post-completion survey, to gather information on whether completing the course helped students become more aware of their skills and the actions they need to take to get job ready. Click here to share the survey with your students.

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What did you thinkWhat did you think?

This new resource is provided to you free of charge, no catch. All we'd like to ask you is to let us know whether you and your students liked it. Any feedback will help us to improve the product experience going forward.

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