Choosing your school subjects

Have I picked the right subjects

Navigating the subject selection process at school can be overwhelming. What if you start it and don't like it, and then it's too late to drop or change it? How do you know which school subjects will actually be useful for life after school?

But remember this: your success is only limited by your imagination and hard work. Whether your dream job is making magical unicorn appearances at kids' parties or to become an Iron Man champion, you'll still need to put in the work to figure out how to get there. Doing the Career Quiz is one way to find out what you're suited for: and once you've done it, check out which school subjects might play to your strengths and interests based on your quiz results below. Or you could find out which questions you should ask yourself to choose your subjects for Year 12 here.

The Carer

The Techie

The Handicrafter

The Go-Getter

The Co-ordinator

The Professional

The Designer

Remember: This report is just a guideline of which school subjects might be suitable for you, based on the results of your Career Quiz report. Skillsroad does not guarantee that the subject selection based on your Career Quiz results is accurate. Please seek independent advice from your teachers or visit the official websites of relevant tertiary education providers to check what pre-requisites are required for your future studies.

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