Career Advice: 5 Celebs Who Got Their Start as an Apprentice

Career Advice: 5 Celebs Who Got Their Start as an Apprentice
17 December 2018    Holly Royce    0 comments
So, you’re looking into the possibility of pursuing an apprenticeship or traineeship in 2019? The good news is,  you’ll be in great company. 

Some of the biggest names in the word started in their fields as an apprentice or a trainee. Take a look below - we dare you not to feel inspired. 
Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey, two of our favourite celebrity chefs, both started as catering apprentices. Jamie Oliver reportedly failed the UK’s version of the HSC before he found his true calling in the kitchen.

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Maybe cooking isn’t for you, but how about this?

John Frieda, arguably one of the most famous hairdressers in the world, started his career as a hairdressing apprentice.

If you haven’t heard of him as a hairdresser, you will have no doubt seen the endless rows of hair care products sporting his name, filling shelves around the world. Just another typical case of apprentice to superstar.

The list is looking a little male-heavy right now, so let's also throw in legendary Stella McCartney, one of the most well-known fashion designers in the world. Stella got her start as a tailoring apprentice and never looked back. 


Everyone’s favourite TV tradie and host of The Block, Scott Cam, started with a carpentry apprenticeship at his brother’s business. It wasn’t until many years later that Scotty Cam started his career in television after being approached by a talent scout in Sydney Pub. 

As cliche as it sounds, you never know where life could end up taking you when you follow your passions.

What's the difference between an apprenticeship and a traineeship?


An apprenticeship is a structured training arrangement which usually lasts 3.5 or four years. The training combines practical experience at work with complementary off-the-job training with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

On successful completion, you are issued with a nationally-recognised qualification and the on-the-job skills which are highly regarded by many employers.


A traineeship is a training agreement between the trainee and their respective employer whereby the employer agrees to train the trainee in a specific industry, and the trainee agrees to work and learn.

Traineeships are available for people of all ages and usually last between 1-2 years (but can last longer), depending on the vocation and certificate level undertaken.

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