Flying home for Christmas? You need to check out this important airport change before you do

Flying home for Christmas? You need to check out this important airport change before you do
10 December 2018       0 comments
If you’re planning on taking a domestic flight any time soon, you’ll need to be across this change to carry-on baggage or cop a potentially massive bill.

We can all pretty safely agree that flying, while convenient, isn’t anyone’s cheapest option for travelling, especially not over Christmas. The last thing you need is a surprise expense.

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So listen up and take note before your next trip, all of your go-to Australian airlines, including Virgin and Qantas, are now making it compulsory for passengers to weigh their carry-on luggage before a flight.

Oh, how we all used to scoff at our super uptight friends, weighing their baggage before they checked in to their short-haul flight and yet again, it appears it is the organised who are getting the last laugh.  

This new carry-on policing means you’ll no longer be able to rely on sneaky packing habits as long as the number of baggage items are correct - you’ll have to prove your items weigh the right amount at the check-in desk or pay the extra money to transfer your items to checked baggage.

However, before you start freaking out, know that these changes are being made for everyone’s benefit. Truly.

Speaking to The New Daily, Paul Woosnam, general manager of ground operations at Virgin Australia explained that the travel update comes as a result of overpacked hand luggage, causing delays to flights and injuries to cabin crew.

Similarly, a Qantas spokesperson told the same publication that it would be “renewing its focus” on cabin baggage allowances to ensure all passengers get the space they’ve

This update won’t come as a shock for those of us used to travelling on Jetstar and Tigerair airlines, who have always made it a point to monitor their carry-on limit strictly.

A bit of organisation is the name of the game here. With a bit of preparation, you, the cabin crew and all the passengers on board will have a better flight and who is going to complain about that?

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